Different Varieties and Types of Tea

Tue, Feb 7, 2017

The most widely consumed beverage after water, tea is prepared by steeping cured leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant in hot or boiling water. However, the same preparation and type of tea is not consumed all throughout the world. Ranging from hot to cold, black to white, tea is of many different types. In fact, it can be said that almost every region of the world has its own native version of this popular beverage. Here are some the most well-known types of tea all over the world:

Black Tea

The characteristic dark brown or black color of this tea is a result of oxidation. This tea is allowed to go through a process of prolonged oxidation which results in distinctive robust flavors upon proper brewing. In order to facilitate the process of oxidation, the tea leaves are left to whither during which the water completely evaporates from it. Black tea has higher caffeine content than most other teas.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is an interesting tea flavor as the process of its making is extremely intricate and differs from estate to estate. As a result of this, this tea can have a varied range of aromas and flavors. Oolong tea, also known as Wu Long is mainly cultivated in Taiwan and China. The mature leaves of the tea plant are then picked and a process of withering, rolling, and oxidizing follows. One of the most distinctive features of this tea is that it can be infused a few times and every infusion has its own distinct flavor.

White Tea

This tea gets its characteristic color due to the presence of silvery-white hairs on the surface of the tea buds. These slivers of fiber-like hair are only present of the young tea buds from which white tea is made. Young leaves are simply picked, wilted and dried to make this tea. For those who dislike the robust flavor of most teas, this is an ideal option as its flavor is characteristically floral and light.

Green Tea

Recently made popular, green tea is now consumed all over the world as a health remedy. The green tea leaves are made to wither slighting before being fired. The process of firing heats up the leaves rapidly putting a stop to the oxidization. Green tea is probably the most intricate flavor which boasts of underlying tastes, aromas and accents. The caffeine content can be adjusted by brewing the tea at low temperatures for a short time.

Herbal Tea

This is probably the only tea variety which doesn’t use leaves from Camellia sinensis while brewing. It is made from infusing fruits, flowers, and pure herbs. The flavor platter can be customized according to personal likes and dislikes. Herbal can be served either hot or iced. Mate and Rooibos are also types of herbal tea. Tea is by far one of the most varied beverages in the world. As described above there are several different types of tea which are extracted and brewed in different ways. Apart from being popular refreshment, tea also has health and medicinal value.