Tea Ceremonies around the World

Tue, Mar 14, 2017

Tea is a popular beverage which bears wide historical and cultural significance, especially in the Asian culture. A tea ceremony refers to a ritualized and ceremonial preparation of tea which is then presented in a unique way. Although the Japanese tea ceremony is better known around the world, it was originally influenced by the tea traditions practiced in China. The various tea ceremonies around the world are not just about the appearances but the process of brewing is much more refined and controlled, resulting in the best tasting and aromatic tea.

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Interesting Facts about Chinese Tea Gardens

Fri, Feb 10, 2017

Since the discovery of tea in China several years ago, it has become deeply indented into the culture and society of the country. Tea drinking is not seen as a casual everyday act like in several other countries. In fact, the Chinese have developed several ceremonies and social practices revolving around the brewing and consumption of tea. Additionally, it is not just the consumption of tea that is given attention to, but also the method of brewing, the utensils used, the technique followed and also the place where the brewing and drinking of tea takes place.

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